Act Now


 -  Contact your elected officials to show them your support for the arts in education.  This page ( has all the information you need for contacts on the Federal, State, and local levels.  

-  Get involved in your kids' schools - go to school board meetings, join the PTA (, and let them know that you believe arts and music education is necessary and a fundamental right of all kids in public school.  

-  Ask questions.  If you're unsure of policy, reasons for lack of arts education, or what to do about it, contact any of the arts advocacy organizations listed on our links page.  


-  Write an op-ed and / or letters to the editor to local and national media. 

-  Speak to your kids' teachers - tell them you wish there were more arts classes offered at school.  While they probably can't directly change the curriculum, they can join the local / national discussions.  

-  Support the local arts - if there are performances, art shows, or theater productions in your children's schools, make sure you attend to clearly demonstrate support for the programs.


-  encourage local businesses to support the arts in your town - you can ask for donations or discounts from art supply stores, music stores & record shops, hardware stores, and stationary stores for all teachers, students, and parents at your local school.

- Contact local arts groups in your area to see if there is any way you can volunteer at a local school, perhaps for an after-school arts program, or directly at the organization. 

If you have any other suggestions, please email us